Reverse Channel Letter Signs

The signs of reverse channel letter signs are separated, LEDs are installed in the 3D signs shell made of metal or acrylic, the light shines through the back-panel of the letters onto the wall, illuminating the surrounding area of the signage outlines, forming an amazing halo effect, creating an classy and warm atmosphere. Fit indoors and outdoors well.

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Reverse Channel Letter Signs

  • AC power is required for the reverse channel letter signs, needing an electrical junction behind the wall or in the ceiling near the letters, the distance between the letters and the electrical junction usually within 3 meters (118").
  • The AC transformers of the MeanWell brand we use can be used in the input voltage range of 90~264VAC and 100~305VAC. When you order the reverse channel letter signs, please confirm your power supply voltage. By default, we will use the AC transformer of input voltage of 90~264VAC.
  • We will provide a MeanWell brand AC transformer for the reverse channel letter signs, which is suggested to be installed in a weak current box with heat dissipation holes to help the AC transformer to dissipate heat which can increase the service life of the AC transformer.
  • Using stud bolts to fix on the backing wall by default, need to drill holes on the backing wall for the stud bolts and cables, we will provide the 1:1 layout template to show you the hole's position.
  • We suggest hiring a professional installer to install the signs. We will provide the wiring diagram and installation notice, so the signs could be installed correctly and quickly.
  • We use the 304 stainless steel for the metal letters shell by default. If your place is near the sea, then we will use the 316 stainless steel to build the letters shell, which is marine grade and need not to worry about the rust problem.
  • Please let us know in advance if your sign will be used outdoors and it rains heavily in the area. We'll use IP67 LEDs and add a water leak hole to the bottom of the sign's enclosure and then do a light leak-proof treatment.


Reverse channel letter signs have emerged as a leading choice for businesses seeking a sleek and modern look in their signage. These signs are characterized by their unique construction where each letter is individually crafted, and the illumination is directed backward, towards the surface they are mounted on. This creates a striking halo effect around each letter, offering an elegant and sophisticated visual appeal. Reverse channel letter signs stand out for their depth and dimension, bringing an upscale and contemporary feel to business facades.

The appeal of reverse channel letter signs lies in their versatility and customizable nature. Available in a range of fonts, sizes, colors, and lighting options, they can be tailored to fit the specific branding needs of any business. The letters are often constructed from durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel, with LED lighting providing the backlighting effect. This not only ensures energy efficiency but also offers consistent and long-lasting illumination. These signs are particularly effective for businesses looking to establish a strong nighttime presence, as the halo effect is prominently visible in low-light conditions, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

Reverse channel letter signs are more than just a means of identification; they represent a blend of art and functionality. Their ability to create an ambient and inviting atmosphere makes them a popular choice for various businesses, from upscale retail stores to corporate buildings. Additionally, their durability and low maintenance requirements make them a practical and cost-effective signage solution. Whether you aim to revamp your storefront or create a memorable brand presence, reverse channel letter signs offer a sophisticated and impactful way to achieve your goals.


Reverse channel letter signs are a popular choice for businesses seeking a sleek, professional appearance. The key benefits include their modern and elegant design, which offers a subtle yet effective form of advertising. The halo effect created by the illumination provides a high-end aesthetic, making these signs perfect for businesses aiming to project a premium image. Additionally, they are highly effective in attracting attention, especially during evenings and nights.

  • With a high degree of customizability, whether it is content, font, color, finish, size, or light color, and even the installation method, can be customized according to your requirements.
  • It has good weather resistance and perfectly be used outdoors, providing 24/7 service.
  • Using LED as the light source, energy saving and environmental protection, providing good brightness for a long time.
  • A welcoming halo effect makes your signs the center of attention, day or night, attracting your customers' attention and increasing sales.
  • It is weather resistant and easy to maintain.
  • The letters are lightweight, easy to install.

High Customizability

One of the significant advantages of reverse channel letter signs is their high customizability. Businesses can tailor these signs to fit their specific branding needs by selecting from a wide range of fonts, sizes, colors, and finishes. The flexibility in design allows for a cohesive and consistent branding experience that aligns perfectly with the company's visual identity.

Illumination Color and Color Temperature

Reverse channel letters typically utilize LED lighting, often in single-color options like white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green, pink, and purple. They can also use controllable RGB/WRGB LEDs. Based on our experience, if you require your reverse channel letters to have high brightness and a strong halo effect, we recommend using white LEDs with a color temperature of around 6000K or warm white LEDs of about 4000K. If you have specific requirements for the color temperature, please inform us in detail.

Visual Impact and Visibility

Reverse channel letter signs offer a unique visual impact due to their distinctive backlighting, which produces a halo effect around each letter. This creates an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance, enhancing visibility and brand recognition. The signs are particularly effective in low-light conditions, making them ideal for 24/7 brand exposure. Typically, the visibility of a reverse channel letter signs can be about 120 times the height of the letter, meaning a 10-inch tall reverse lit channel letter can be seen from approximately 10 feet away.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

These signs are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to their durable construction and weather-resistant materials. Whether displayed on a busy street or within an interior space, reverse channel letter signs maintain their visual appeal and structural integrity in various environments.


Although the installation of reverse channel letter signs is not complex, it is advisable to hire professionals with the requisite knowledge to ensure the signs are securely and correctly mounted. These signs are typically installed with stud bolts on the wall so need to drill holes on the wall. In addition, since LEDs usually use 12V DC, your installer also needs to connect the wires of the letters in parallel and connect them to the output end of the transformer, and then connect the input end of the transformer to your AC power supply. Depending on the type of sign, some must be installed off the wall, while others can be mounted closely. The installation methods vary depending on the building's facade and the sign's design, making collaboration with experienced installers crucial.

Maintenance and Certification

Reverse channel letter signs are relatively low maintenance. LED lighting, commonly used in these signs, is renowned for its long lifespan and energy efficiency, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Additionally, the materials used in sign construction ensure a long-lasting lifespan. Our reverse channel letter signs come with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification, fully meeting industry standards for safety and reliability.

Custom Reverse Illuminated Channel Letters

In the realm of business signage, custom reverse illuminated channel letters stand out as a sophisticated and modern solution. These unique signs feature a distinctive design where the lighting emanates from behind the letters, creating a striking ‘halo’ effect. This backlighting not only highlights the letters themselves but also casts an alluring glow on the mounting surface, drawing attention while providing an elegant and professional appearance. Ideal for businesses seeking to convey a sense of innovation and quality, these signs are customizable in various fonts, sizes, and colors, allowing for a perfect match with any brand identity.

The appeal of custom reverse illuminated channel letters lies in their versatility and visual impact. These signs are incredibly effective for both day and night use, ensuring that your business catches the eye of passersby at all times. The use of LED lighting technology not only enhances their brightness but also ensures energy efficiency, leading to cost savings in the long run. Durable and low maintenance, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, able to withstand diverse weather conditions. These signs offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to make a lasting impression.

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Reverse Channel Letter Signs Models

The following types of signs can be made as Reverse Channel Letter Signs

Outdoor Reverse Channel Letter Signs

Outdoor reverse channel letter signs are a dynamic and visually appealing signage option designed to elevate the exterior of any business. These signs feature individually crafted letters with a distinctive lighting style, where the illumination is directed backwards onto the wall or surface behind the letters, creating an impressive halo effect. This reverse lighting technique not only emphasizes the lettering but also produces an ambient glow that enhances the overall aesthetic of the building façade. Made to withstand outdoor elements, these signs are ideal for businesses looking to make a strong visual statement and increase their curb appeal.

Outdoor reverse channel letter signs are more than just a means of identification; they are a powerful marketing tool. The halo illumination they provide is not only eye-catching but also adds a level of sophistication and elegance to your business’s exterior. These signs are highly customizable in terms of font, color, and size, allowing for a perfect alignment with your brand’s image and architectural aesthetics. Moreover, they are built with durability in mind, using materials and lighting components that can endure harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements. Whether it’s day or night, these signs offer exceptional visibility, making your business stand out in any setting.

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  1. One of our staff will reply to you within one working day after receiving your information.

    Our signage products are all customized, different details will lead to different costs, so please provide a vector design file to us, which you can get from your designer. We usually use ai, cdr or eps format vector files .

    In addition, it would be better if you could provide the following information:

    • If you already have a budget, it’s a good idea to let us know so we can know which kind of signage fits you better.
    • If you can send us the photos of where you would install the signage would be better,  so we can know which installation method works best for your signage.
    • If the location where the signage is installed is on an island, or near the ocean, be sure to let it know in advance. We will use marine grade 316 stainless steel for your signage, and taking into account the salt corrosion problems the signage may face.
    • If your signage has a strict delivery deadline, be sure to let it know in advance.
  2. A tariff is a tax imposed by a government on goods and services imported from other countries. Which will not be included in our quotation file. Please contact your local customs for the details.

    The HScode of the reverse channel letters is 9405600000. Normally, you only need to provide the HScode to your local customs and tell them that the signage is ordered from China, then they will tell you about tariffs and how much of the value of the goods need not to pay tariffs.

  3. You can pay us by PayPal, Western Union, credit card and TT, we accept payment by PayPal by default. Please provide the following information:

    • Recipient name
    • Cellphone number, which could accept text messages to avoid being unable to receive notifications from express company
    • Delivery address, could not be a POX address
    • PayPal account in Email address format

    At present, we use PayPal for payment by default. We will send you a PayPal Invoice within one working day after you confirm the quotation.

    PayPal will charge 4.4% + usd$0.30 as the transfer fee, and our quoted fees are for products and delivery only, so you would be asked to pay for the additional PayPal transfer fee. For example: if the amount of your order is $100, then you need to pay total: (100 + 0.3)/(100%-4.4%) = $104.92

    According to the PayPal Seller Protection Policy, we will charge you full payment before production.

  4. Most of the signs can be produced within 15 working days. If electroplating process or chemical corrosion process is required, 1-3 working days need to be added. If you need us to provide progress photos, please let us know in advance.

  5. We use DHL by default, and can also use Fedex, UPS, Air freight or sea freight. Once we get the waybill number, we will tell your waybill number so you can track it online.

    Please pay attention to check your cell phone, usually DHL will send you an SMS to notify you of information such as delivery time.

  6. We provide a 3-year limited warranty service, for non-human-damaged signage, we will re-produce the damaged part for you free of charge and send it to you for free.

    BTW, the warranty for the AC transformer is provided by MeanWell. You can check their Product Warranty Statement at:

Personalized Reverse Channel Letter Signs

Personalized reverse channel letter signs offer a unique and sophisticated approach to business signage, providing a perfect blend of elegance and bespoke design. These signs feature individually crafted letters with illumination directed backward, creating a captivating halo effect around each character. This design not only accentuates the sign’s letters but also casts a subtle and enchanting glow onto the mounting surface. Tailored to each business’s specific branding needs, these signs come in a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors, allowing for a fully customized and cohesive representation of your brand’s identity.

Personalized reverse channel letter signs are an excellent choice for businesses seeking to make a lasting impression. The unique backlighting of these signs ensures that your brand stands out, especially after dark, offering a distinguished and premium appearance. The customization options extend beyond just the visual aspects; these signs can be crafted to fit specific architectural requirements, ensuring they complement the building’s façade. Durability is a key feature, with materials and lighting elements chosen for longevity and resilience against weather elements. These signs are not just signage; they are an investment in your brand’s image, offering an elegant and enduring way to showcase your business.

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  • We are signage manufacturers in China.

  • After receiving your payment, the timeline is as follows:

    1. Detailed design takes about 1-3 working days
    2. signage production generally within 15 working days
    3. DHL takes about 5 days to complete the door to door delivery by DDU terms

    So in most cases, it takes 25-30 days total.

  • In the vast majority of cases your signage will be delivered to you within the lead time told to you.

    In special cases, such as when your signage production requires a third-party factory’s production, such as custom LEDs, 3D printing, plating, or chemical corrosion, then your sign might be delayed due to delays by third-party factories.

    If your order is confirmed during the peak season of orders, usually from late September to early January of the following year, for the same signage order, you may notify us one day in advance to confirm the production, which might allow you to receive your signage earlier three days

    In addition, the work efficiency of the delivery company will also affect the delivery time. And if the random inspection of the goods by your local customs just involves your signage, then it will delay the delivery of your signage too. These are beyond our control.

    In any event, we will do our best to finish and send out your sign as quickly as possible, delays do us no favors. And the sooner you confirm your signage order, the sooner you will receive your signs.

  • The working voltage of the LEDs we use by default is 12VDC and must be connected to an AC transformer before connecting to your local AC power source.

    We use the meanwell brand LPV-60-12 AC transformer by default, (details of the LPV-60-12 AC transformer), this AC transformer can be used in 90 ~ 264VAC, 47 ~ 63Hz.

    So, yes, our signage products could be used at 110-120VAC 60Hz.

  • If you need, we will provide you with a free mock-up image when you ask for a quote. BTW, if you need 3D renderings, you will be asked to pay the 3D design fee.

    In addition, after you confirm the order and pay the deposit, you will receive

    • The detailed design drawings, which will show you the diagram, size and detailed hole positions for wiring and cables stud bolts of the signs. We will only start production after receiving your confirmation.
    • After the signage is produced, we will provide you with photos of the final signage. We will only notify DHL to pick up your signs after we have received your confirmation.
  • Our signage products are all customized, different details will cause different costs, only the vector design file can show us enough details of your signage.

    If you need to know more about the vector file, please visit:

  • Our reverse channel letters products are all customized, so we do not have any standard font, you are free to choose the font you need.

    However, we recommend that you do not choose fonts with very thin strokes, or fonts with uneven edges. Such fonts may cause the letters shell to fail to produce or the space inside the signs shell is too small to install LEDs, thus making your design impossible to make a reverse channel letters.

  • Yes, we accept credit card payments and we collect credit card payments through PayPal.

  • However, we do not require you to provide your credit card information. We collect credit card payments through PayPal, and we will send PayPal Invoice to you. You only need to use your credit card in your PayPal account to complete the payment.

    Your credit card information is safe, don’t worry.

  • We use PayPal for payment by default. According to the PayPal Seller Protection Policy, we will charge you full payment before production.

    PayPal will charge 4.4% + usd$0.30 as the transfer fee, and our quoted fees are for products and delivery only, so you would be asked to pay for the additional PayPal transfer fee. For example: if the amount of your order is $100, then you need to pay total: (100 + 0.3)/(100%-4.4%) = $104.92

  • If you need, we will provide a mock-up image for you for free, but if you need 3D renderings, you will be asked to pay for the 3D design.

  • Normally we will complete the signage production within 15 working days. But if your signage order is very urgent, please let us know in advance, our sales staff will confirm with our production manager in advance whether we can meet your requirements.

    Because our production is assembly line production, we cannot influence other customers’ orders for a rush order.

    If it is confirmed that we can meet your rush production requirements, then we will finish the signage in time and no rush production fees would be charged.

  • Plating is a method of coating a conductor with a layer of metal using the principle of electrolysis. It can make the stainless steel surface have different colors.

    Depending on the different signage details, the plating factory will use chemical plating or vacuum plating for plating operations. Please note that due to the complexity of the plating process, even if the exact same equipment, the same plating solution formulation and even the same plating time are used, the products produced in different batches will have slightly different color.

    Our factory does not have the production equipment for plating. If your sign production involves plating, the production time will be increased, usually an additional 3 working days.

    Please note:

    • If your sign is installed near the sea, it is not recommended to use the plating process for your sign, since the plating layer will be corroded by salt.
    • There is a high probability that the plating layer will be gradually oxidized, and the color will change to a certain extent.
  • We are a sign production factory in China and are currently unable to provide sign installation services outside of China.

    However, we have some business partners all over the world, if you need us to provide signage installation services, please provide your installation address so that we can contact our partners to confirm whether they can help you.

  • Reverse channel letters can be installed in the vast majority of locations, indoors and outdoors, on marble walls, brick walls, concrete walls and even glass. In general, the installation requires drilling holes in the installation location for passing the wires and placing the stud bolts. It is also possible to install the whole set of signage on the bracket or the backing box, and then hang it from the ceiling through stainless steel chains.

    We recommend that you provide a photo of where your sign will be installed so that we can advise you on the installation method that best suits your sign.

  • Yes, we can help you renew your LEDs, but because we are a sign factory in China, considering the expensive international shipping costs, maybe the cost of asking us to renew the LEDs for you will be much higher than finding an electrician locally to renew your LEDs.

    BTW, the LED technology is constantly updated, and new models of LEDs are constantly appearing. We cannot infer the cost of renewing LEDs for your reverse channel letters in a few years.


With more than 20 years of production experience in the signage industry.


With more than 500 advanced professional production equipment.


We provide sign products to more than 2500 new customers every year.


With more than 15,000 square meters of site for sign manufacturing.

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We only provide high quality customized signage products.

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Order directly from the manufacturer to reduce intermediate expenses. Buy high quality custom signage at a more reasonable price.

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We provide you with high quality signage produced by our experienced technicians using advanced machines and quality raw materials.

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Depending on the type and quantity of signage ordered, we typically take approximately 15 working days to complete signage production.

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Use DHL door to door delivery by DDU terms by default, about 5-7 shipping days. Can deliver to most places in the world.

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We focus on seriously solving the requestments of each customer.

Warranty Service

A three-years free non-artificial damage limited warranty is provided to solve your worries.


This was the first, but not least that we used your service. We are thankful to your expert team for providing advice and the sign-making process for us! The reverse channel letters look incredible.

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Ryan Mack


I needed to redesign my storefront, so one of my friends advised me to turn to you. I am very happy with the reverse channel letters signs you made for me as they’re very cool and creative. I recommend this company to all of my friends as they have very good customer support and provide high-quality products.

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We’re extremely happy with our new illuminated sign. ReverseChannelLetters.Com surpassed our expectations with their competence and range of products. After such a positive experience, we’ll definitely work with them again without a second thought.

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I am really excited with the high quality work you are doing, ReverseChannelLetters.Com team! I loved the great choice which you offer to your customers and the high level of organized customer service. Thank you and good luck!

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It’s worth doing the investment and getting professional logo signs. They are made of stainless steel and seem quite durable. They perfectly suit our interior design. We needed the new signs for our office and now it fully complies with our requirements.

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The signage is great. It took a while to wait but everything came out perfect at the end. ReverseChannelLetters.Com was also very patient with trying to understand exactly what I wanted for my signs. Couldn’t have asked for more!

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